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THE GANGS OF THYON – 14th & 15th of MARCH 2015


The 10th anniversary of the Gangs Of Thyon will be held the 14th and 15th of March 2015 !

We will give you all the information on this page in due time. In the meanwhile check our event below (pictures, videos, …)

Stay Tune !


The big winners of the 9th edition of the GANGS OF THYON
2014 are « Central Park » and « Jib Headz »

SKI Ranking


Saturday pictures here

Sunday pictures here

A weekend filled with amazing sun and perfect temperatures allowed this 9th edition of the
GANGS OF THYON to unfold under ideal conditions. The 13 teams of riders met in the snowpark
of Thyon, Centralpark, to face off in a special slopestyle event. The snowboard team « Central
Park » went home with the title for the second year in a row and for the skiers it was the team
« Jib Headz » who will have their names on the trophy. Sunday was another great success with
both the introduction of a new competition « Tricks à deux francs » in the morning and the
popular back to the roots portion the « Entract : no spin to win » in the afternoon.


Over fifty competitors were ready to battle under the blazing sun in the Centralpark of Thyon the
weekend of March 8th and 9th 2014. The 5 crews of skiers and 8 crews of snowboarders, each
composed of 4 riders, went head to head on a slopestyle line composed of various jib features and two
large jumps. The event started with a qualification round to decide which four teams, from each
category, would be moving on to the final in the afternoon. The high skill level of the crews made for an
incredible show for the many spectators present. In addition to this an impressive airshow literally
captivated riders and spectators alike during the break between the morning and afternoon rounds.

The Final


Qualified Crews

- CENTRALPARK (SUI) : Gaume Johan (FRA), Gerber Carlos, Dubas Olivier, Arnould Djoh
- TOUDEDENT (FRA) : Bagnoud Julien, Serra Hugo, Antoine (replaced by Gaël Adam), Walpa Ata
- FIS OFFICIAL SNOWBOARD TEAM (SUI) : Marty Xavier, Gassman Axel, Rebetez Marc, Epiney
- VÖLKL SNOWBOARD : Tit State (SLO), Jan Kralj (SLO), Marius Bakken (NOR), Florent Vorger

After the morning qualifications round four crews from each category were selected to battle it out in the
finals of the afternoon. For the snowboarders local riders from the crew CENTRALPARK were put up
against the crew TOUTDEDANT and it was the locals who convinced the judges they deserved to move
on. Fighting for the second place in the finale it was FIS OFFICIAL SNOWBOARD TEAM vs. VÖLKL
SNOWBOARD. The impressive performances on their two runs earned the team VÖLKL
SNOWBOARD a place in the finale to go head to head with the team of CENTRALPARK.

The finale took off with each of teams having three runs to prove they deserved first place on the
podium. In their first run CENTRALPARK definitely showed that they are the masters of their snowpark
however the team from VÖLKL proved to be tough components with a great second run. Despite falls
from both teams all of the riders gave their best in the deciding third run. In the end it was the team of
CENTRALPARK who won for the second year in a row aided by an incredible double cork from rider
Carlos Gerber. This trick earned Carlos the title for best trick of the day and a watch from NIXON.

Snowboard ranking :

2. VÖLKL SNOWBOARD Tit State (SLO), Jan Kralj (SLO), Marius Bakken (NOR), Florent Vorger


Qualified crews

- JIB HEADZ WEBSKISHOP (FRA) : Gamelin Aristide, Poirot Julien, Maury Martineau Max, Boissard
- K2 CREW : Lovey Yohan, Bruchez Florian, German Camille, Rumo Florian
- CENTRALPARK: Cepi Maxime, Gilomen Maxime, Métrailler Yvan, Boerlin Tom

The talent of the skiers in the final kept the spectators eyes on the show. First up for battle was the
teams of VÖLKL SKI and JIB HEADZ WEBSKISHOP. With two very clean and tight runs (two riders at
the same time on a jump) it was JIB HEADZ WEBSKISHOP who advanced to the next round. The
second battle was between the crews of K2 CREW and CENTRAL PARK SKI. It was K2 CREW who
took the round with two fluid and technical runs.

The impressive level of the two teams qualified for the final made the judges job a bit more complicated.
K2 crew came out fighting showing runs of great ease and technique. However it was JIB HEADZ
WEBSKISHOP team that were able to best express the GANGS OF THYON spirit with runs where the
riders hit the park line in a tight group. It was for this reason after a long debate that JIB HEADZ
WESKISHOP took the title for 2014.

Ski ranking :

2. K2 CREW (SUI)

The top riders of Saturday also went home with a Wildcard to take part in the CHAMPS OPEN next
weekend in Leysin. Snowboarders Djoh Arnould and Olivier Dubas along with skiers Camille German
and Vincent Schmidt will go up against professional riders on March 13th – 16th.


Despite a wild night of music from the Hip Hop group «Michigang » and DJ IDEM at the « l’Auberge de
l’Ours » riders still made it back to Central Park on Sunday morning. For this 9th edition of the Gangs of
Thyon it was park shapers, Djoh Arnould and Max Cepi, who came up with a new concept to add some
spice to the competition and called it « Tricks à deux francs ». This competition allowed riders to face of
individually but with specific tricks to perform given at the start of each run. Competitors used the last
jump in the park to earn anywhere from 10 to 100 francs if they gave the best show of the chosen trick.
A cab 540°, a double cork and every trick in between were a part of this morning contest.

SUNDAY AFTERNOON: « L’ENTRACT : no spin to win »

To finish off an incredible weekend with a bang it was time for the now legendary event from Darius
Heritschian « l’Entract » which was back with a vengeance. The principal idea of this event lays in the
title « no spin to win ». On the hip of the snowpark riders performed original tricks where they were not
allowed to add any rotations. A return to the beginning of freestyle gave riders the chance to have fun
with their tricks of less technicality but more creativity and primarily to remember the roots of the sport.

To distribute the five awards the judges looked at various criteria. The five riders who impressed the
judges most with their originality, creativity and technique were :

- L’astronaute : Jan Krals (highest jumps)
- L’élastique : David Lambert (double tail grab)
- La Diva : Hannes Zösmayr (double tail grab, rocket, shiffty)
- Le virtuose : Olivier Dubas (Indy nosebone)
- Le Daffy : Gian Ragettli (screaming siemens)

Each winning rider went home with a beautiful trophy handcrafted especially for this event by the artist

On top of all this the best riders of the day, Vincent Schmidt and Antonio Contessi, were compensated
for their respective performances with a pair of skis and a snowboard from the main sponsor Völkl.


The « Gangs » are taking over Thyon this March 8th and 9th !

The legendary event from Central Camps and Télé-Thyon –the GANGS OF THYON- is back again, this year on March 8th and 9th in Central Park! Teams of riders from the four corners of Switzerland and parts of France will make their way to the Valais resort for an unforgettable weekend of « freestyle », music and even an incredible air show. This year a new concept will be introduced on Sunday morning: « Cheap Tricks » ! Riders will need to complete specific tricks on the biggest jump in Central Park to try to win prize money of up to 100 francs!  For fans of « pure freestyle » the event created by Darius Heritschian « L’Entract » is back for another edition on Sunday afternoon.



The weekend will start off with the traditional « BATTLE », a competition against eight teams of four freeskiers and eight more of snowboarders. The sixteen « crews » will commence the afternoon in a quarter-final: two teams from each category go head to head on two runs (3 in the event of equality). Based on their creativity, technique and of course the overall show of each crew the judges will move the top eight crews into the semi-finals. From there it will be only the top four crews in each category who will fight to the end in the final to earn the title GANG OF THYON 2014!


During the break at noon spectators can look forward to an impressive airshow. A stunt plane as well as a group of parapentists will take over the skies of Thyon for a performance that is not to be missed !



8h00-9h00 : Accreditations at the Tourism Office __ Collons 1800

9h00-10h30 : Training __ CentralPark

11h00-12h30 : Qualifications __ CentralPark

12h30-13h30 : Break __ CentralPark

13h00-13h30 : Air Show

13h30-15h : Battle – Gangs of Thyon by Völkl  __ CentralPark

17h00 : Naming of the Gangs of Thyon by Völkl  __ Auberge de l’Ours, Collons 1850

22h00 : Party @ Auberge de l’Ours, Collons 1850_ Concert Hip Hop with Michigang + DJ IDEM



We are now happy to announce that we will offer 4 tickets for the Champs Open in Leysin (13th-16th of March). We will give 2 tickets to the 2 best snowboarders and to the 2 best skiers of Saturday which includes :

- Free registration for the open comp

- Free entrance to all concerts and parties

More info on www.champsopen.ch


On saturday as well, the judges will pay particular attention to the snowboarders. Because the one who will land the best trick of the day will get the title of the “Best tricks by Nixon” !

SUNDAY March 9th  : Morning : 11:00 to 13:00 : « Cheap Tricks »

After a big night of entertainment and music from the hip-hop crew MICHIGANG and DJ IDEM at the Auberge de l’Ours in les Collons, skiers and snowboards who still have strength after the « Battle » on Saturday are invited to participate in the « Cheap Tricks », a new event created by the shapers of Central Park, Djoh and Max. Various amounts of cash will be up for the taking as riders are given specific tricks to be completed on the largest jump of Central Park. The best performances will be rewarded with anywhere from 10 to 100 francs of prize money, depending on the trick. A total of 1,000 francs are at stake from 11:00 – 13:00!


SUNDAY March 9th : Afternoon : 13:00 to 15:00 : « L’ENTRACT »

These last few years the world of freestyle snowboarding has seen incredible progression.

The pioneers of the sport who only 30 years ago were sliding around on a simple board, attached at the feet by only tire tubes , are now the athletes whose acrobatic skills are raising the ratings on your tv channels. Advances in the material along with more and more snowparks and halfpipes available has led to the exceptional progression of the riders. With the sport growing so quickly and riders feeling the pressure to constantly display the most impressive tricks to please the public has snowboarding not turned into snobboarding?


Even if the increasing use of superlatives is an irrefutable sign of progression (bigger and bigger jumps, higher and higher degrees of rotation, etc.), creativity remains one of the principal values behind snowboarding and it is essential that we celebrate as well this aspect of the sport.


L’ENTRACT invites you to take a little break and go back to the roots of the sport with a session for all generations of snowboarders, professional and amateur, to participate in a « Straight Air » contest, a freestyle event where rotations are prohibited !!!

The objective of this even is to put in perspective the topic of progression by means of simplicity, creativity and the mixing of different influences and generations of boarders in the convivial atmosphere of the Central Park in Thyon. Originality, variety, creativity as well as style and height will all be parts of the criteria necessary for riders to take home one of the following titles:


- The Astronaut

- The Virtuoso

- The Elastic

- The Diva

- The Daffy


The winner of each of these titles will receive a unique trophy created by the artisit JMZ in collaboration with the workshop of Stamp.




9h00-10h30   : Warm Up __ CentralPark

11h00-13h00 : Cheap Tricks Contest

13h00-15h00 : L’ENTRACT__ CentralPark

15h15 : Prize Giving __ CentralPark


Bar the BEAR (Auberge de l’Ours)

Right after the prize giving at 17h, the MICHIGANG (Hip hop band) will start a DJ set to warm up the dance floor for the après ski.

At the beginning of the night, we will start with a concert live of the MICHIGANG followed by DJ IDEM for the rest of the night !