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The Jib Night Contest is over. We will replace it by a brand new concept ! We will give you more information as soon as we can !

11th Jib Night Contest 2014 – January 18th


Find the first pictures of the 2014 edition. More will follow in the next few days. The videos will also come soon.


Cédric Giovanola and Joey Van der Meer take the win at the 11th edition of the JIB NIGHT CONTEST !


It was another great success for the 11th edition of the JIB NIGHT CONTEST ! This year the contest was transformed into the JIB « DAY » CONTEST due to lack of snow in the Thyon resort and the outcome was incredible. Over fifty riders from not only all over Switzerland but also from France and the USA met on the 18th of January to battle it out on the new « street »  feature in Central Park.


The day started with qualifications in the morning. Around fifty riders, skiers and snowboarders, had an hour and a half to show their skills in a « jam session » format. After this round the ten best riders of each category earned a ticket to the final where they took on the ten invited riders. The 16 snowboarders and 14 skiers went head to head in a second « jam session » fighting for one of the eight places in the Super Final.




Judges and specatators were all impressed with the first round of the finals. The Super Final did not leave anyone disappointed as the level went up a notch even in the last minutes of the competition. The eight qualified riders had a 30 minute « jam session » to convince the judges that they deserved this years title.




4 qualified riders: Nicolas Tille, Jonathan Geiser, Cédric Giovanola and Olivier Dubas.


The four snowbaorders literally set fire to the new « street »  feature of Central Parlk ! The two down rails, the wall, the canon rail and even the close-out rail were utilized by the riders to show their style and technical abilities. Cédric Giovanola –aka « Didi »- pulled off an especially superb front 180 in switch back 360 out on the summit of the wall. His preformance in his three best runs of the Super Final are what earned him the first place spot on the podium and the prize money of 800 francs. Jonathan Geiser « Jona », from Tavannes in the Jura Bernois, took home second place and impressed everyone with a front 180 in switch back 360 out on the leftside down rail. He went home with 500 francs of prize money in his pocket. It was a local rider, Olivier Dubas, in the third place position on the podium. Olivier showed his skills at the top of the wall with a cab 180 in 360 out and was awarded with 200 francs.


For the girls it was Domitilla Mattei who owned the final. The Italian showed her skills in her three runs : 50-50 180 out on the leftside handrail, 50-50 tail press 180 out on the cannon and a front lip on the handrail ! She came in first in front of Ghislaine Albasini and Justine Gremaud and was awarderd 200 francs.


In the kids category it was Mateo Betancourt with a front lip on the handrail who took first place.




5 qualified riders: Laurent De Martin, Tim Picq, Remco Kayser, Didier Brichoux and Joey Van de Meer.



Just as with the snowboarders, the skiers uped their game and brought the level of the contest to a new high in the Super Final. At the start of the final it was Laurent De Martin, Tim Picq, Remko and Brichoux competing in the jam session. Qualified by the judges for the final, Joey Van de Meer had to see the doctor to stitch up a cut on his face before he rejoined the others with only 15 minutes left to show his skills in the Super Final. It turns out that was all the time he needed to take over the competition with incredible runs ! In his top run Joey stuck a switch 630 in gap on the down rail ! The American from Portland made his trip to Switzerland worthwhile by going home with the 800 francs reserved for the winner. Second place was taken by Laurent De Martin who pulled off an impressive 450 in 270 out gap on the down rail. The Valaisan was able to pay a round of drinks for his friends Saturday night with his 500 francs of prize money. It was a French rider, well known by the public in Thyon, who finished in third place. Tim Picq made it to the podium again in Thyon with a lip in 450 out on the downkee dick rail. He left with 200 francs from Central Camps to help motivate him to be back again for 2015.


In the girls category the Swiss German Fabienne Werder didn’t leave her Swiss romande competitors, Alison Charmey and Nicole Berra, a chance. She took home first place and 200 francs with a 270 out on the down rail.


For the kids ski category Jolan Morlan earned the top place with a 450 out on the leftside down rail.


Registration will be open on this page starting on Monday, December 23rd.


As it says in the name this event is a pure Jib focused contest. This year will bring the contest to another level with the purchase of a brand new very « street » style feature (Scandanavian, see photo below).

The contest is open to everyone, snowboarders and skiers of all ages. Again we will limit the number of riders to 40 snowboarders and 40 skiers.


3400 CHF



09h00-12h00: Registration at the Tourism Office __ Collons 1850
12h00-13h00: Training snowboard + freeski __ La Joc
13h15-14h45: Qualifications__Freeski
15h00-16h30 : Qualifications_Snowboard
16h45: Results of the qualifications, 10 top snowboarders + 10 top freeskiers
17h00-18h00 : Training finale snowboard + freeski_La Joc
18h15-19h45 : Final Round 1 : 15 snowboarders + 15 freeskiers, 2 runs each, best run, the 8 best of each
category qualify for the next round.
20h00-20h45 : Finale Round 2 : 8 snowboarders + 8 freeskiers, 2 runs each, best run, the 4 best of each
category qualify for the Super Final + Finale filles.
20h45-21h15 : Super Final : 4 snowboarders + 4 freeskiers, JamSession, best run, 30 minutes.
22h00 : Prize Ceremony
22h30 : Party_Hôtel de l’Ours_DR Fad-R et DJ Lee (all styles)

SET UP 2014

Our biggest change for this 11th edition is the new acquistion (in collaboration with Télé-Thyon) of an impressive, very « street » style feature from Scandinavain.





Check out below the teaser for our events of the 2013-2014 season :